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This was taken from the Quill.
 June Frasier
 Jamelle Hoskins

  Time has a way of slipping past us without really being noticed. only yesterday we were freshman wadering about Lincoln High School, today we are accoplished graduates.
  The first year that we became a part of Lincoln the school was evaluated and remodeled. Mrs. St. Paul began her first year as principal, a few subjects like Advanced english Expression And Ecology were added to the curriculum and the Majestic Lion of '74 defeated Memorial High for the Hudson County Basketball Championship. One of the most successful events that we as freshman took part in was first talent show entitled "Freshman Power '74." Our class officers for this term were President: Pamela Oliver, Vice President: Jaenine Underwood, Secretary: Jamelle Hoskins, and Treasurer: Patricia Barnes. Johnetta Alston was our class queen. The advisors were Miss Height, Mrs.Marsh, Mr. Hunter, and Miss Ryals. During this time the U.S. was in apolitical and economical turmoil. The energy crisis, the gas shortage and the scandals in politics put everyone on edge.
  By our sophomore year we felt at home in Lincoln, but we still made a few mistakes. One was the unsuccessful "walk-out" protest of some of the school's regulations. In the outside world the Supreme Court ruled that students could present their cases at an informal hearing before being suspended from school. That year Richard Nixon resigned from the presidency due to the Watergate scandal. He was succeeded by Gerald Ford, our first non-elected president.
  Our new class officers were President: Milton Simon, Vice President: Elijah Small, Secretary: June Frasier, and Treasurer: Kathy Williams. Patricia Barnes was crowned Miss Sophomore. The advisors were Miss Ryals, Miss Height and Mrs. Marsh.
  Our junior year, starting in September of 1975, bruought many events and change. The class selected a different studio to take senior portraits after twenty-five years of with Vinodd. That term we along with the Student Council, sponsored a Clean-up Week which was quite successful. The first joint space effort between the the U.S and the Soviet Union also happened during this time . The class leaders for that year were President: Estella Scott, Vice President: Carlos Soto, Secretary: Cynthia Wilkes, and Treasurer: Johnetta Alston. The advisors were Mrs.Vaughn, Miss thierry,and Mr. Johnson. Esther Mitchell was the junior class queen for 1975-76. At the end of the school year we chose the name "Elite"
to be our class description. On July 4, 1976 America celebrated its 200th anniversary. Later that month Viking II landed on Mars.
  For us, September 1976 began the "Elite" year. For our senoir class it ment preparing for graduation,tking leave of our friends, and storing memories for a future without Lincoln High School. It was in our our senior year that co-ed gym was introduced to Lincoln, New Jersey residents had their income tax, and at the same time Puerto Rico was proposed to be the fifty-first state. Motorists were permitted to turn right on a red light instead waiting for a green light and Governor Jimmy Carter was elected president that November. The track and fencing teams were beaten, they unbowed and loved by Lincoln's family. Mrs.Bynum, Mrs.Hill, Mr.Leak, and Miss thierry were our class advisors. The class leaders were President: Johnetta Alston, Vice President: Gloria Wheeler, Secretary: Esther Mitchell, Treasurer: June Frasier, Sgt. at Arms: Janice Lloyd, Historian: Lenise Harris, and Publicity Chairperson: Doris Moore. Joanne Givens, who was crowned "Miss Senoir," was a perfact example of a class queen.
   We finally reached that long awaited day in June of 1977 and the Elite year ended. We take with us memories that will truly remain with every one of us for many, many years to come.    

The true meaning of our purpose.