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Our Purpose
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                                            ELITE CLASS OF 1977

Definition of Elite: A group of people who strive to be super achievers; the best of a class; a group of persons who can exercise much power or influence.

Organization Purpose
The purpose of the organization is to increase the popularity of our common intrests by extending the communication and networking amongst our fellow classmates. We are constantly looking to add new members so we will be able to grow and expand into that organization that will allow us to make a difference within the community. We also want to have fun and develop deeper relationship while we are together and working on projects that will impact the youth of the community. This team spirit continues to make us Elite and stand with a mission to make life better for the next generation. Our goal is is to become a state registered non- profit organization which will enable us to make a greater impact on the vast number of youth not just in our community, but wherever we can be of assistance.

Our Mission
Our mission is to renew old friendships and create new ones with all of our fellow classmates that graduated as an Elite Class Member. Our mission is also to further promote the interests of our organization and make the members of our community aware of our existence and our desire to promote positive values and to be a source of inspiration to the youth of primarily, Lincoln High School, but elsewhere if needed. We strive to make a difference by assisting in the education of the students of our alma mata Lincoln High School. Each year we will present the "Elite Class of 77 Scholarship" to eligible graduating student from Lincoln High School in Jersey City, NJ. This scholarship is our vehicle of giving back to the students who are coming after us. 

Class Song